Title: European Network for Advanced Research on Olfaction for Malaria Transmitting Insect Control
Contract/Grant agreement number: 222927
Duration: 48 months
Starting date: 01/12/2008
Instrument: HEALTH-2007-2.3.2-9 Blocking the transmission of malaria: the mosquito vector target
Coordinator: NCSR "Demokritos", Prof. Kostas Iatrou
Administrative director: Dimitris Raptopoulos PhD.

The inability of health authorities to control the spread of malaria in places where the disease is endemic due to ineffectiveness of existing drug treatments, lack of effective vaccines and resistance of the mosquito vector to insecticides.
To interfere with the capacity of the female mosquito (disease vector) to detect the presence of odors of human origin in its environment and, thus, prevent it from obtaining a blood meal from the host and transmitting the malaria parasite in the process. 

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